18.3 metre Satellite Dish De-Commission

NG Rigging were invited to de-commission a 30 metre pump up dome cover and an 18.3 metre satellite dish at RAF Feltwell in October of 2012.

We took advantage of completing as much of the preparation works as possible whilst the dome cover was still connected to the main structure, this included dish panel removal, loosening all nuts then re-tightening and weatherproofing a staircase as the structure would be open to the elements over the winter whilst other works were being completed.

A 300kg lifting ring was lifted into position inside the dome and connected to crane outside the total weight of the cover was approximately 5 tonne, this was removed and then we were ready to lift other sections including the LNB (3 tonne) off thus reducing weight of the dish and pendulum which when lifted total weight was 34 tonne.

The rest of the structure including pendulum towers, slew ring including motors and housing were broken down, lifted off and transported from site. The satellite dish main housing was weatherproofed until the new dish could be be assembled and erected.

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We would have no hesitation in recommending this Professional and well organized Company. PT Projects (Decommissioning) Ltd
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